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Dr. Jason B. Cope has been involved in the publishing industry since he first published The Student’s Guide to Research in 1993, which is still in print today. A year later, his first peer-reviewed journal article Quantitative Evaluation of Craniofacial Changes with Jasper Jumper Therapy was published in The Angle Orthodontist while he was still a dental student. The bug had bitten, and Jason was smitten with the creative process, taking a concept – a mere thought or idea – and transforming it into a tangible, concrete object, that could be touched, viewed, read, and appreciated by others, with the ultimate goal being contributing to the greater good.

Since then, Dr. Cope has published 8 non peer-reviewed and 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, 37 book chapters, a 220 page dissertation, co-edited a multimedia CD-ROM, and 2 textbooks. In addition, he is an ad hoc reviewer for every American orthodontic journal, several dental research journals, and the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

By the Fall of 2004, Dr. Cope had spent the past several years developing products, placement protocols, and clinical techniques related to temporary anchorage devices (TADs), a new developing field in orthodontics. Considering the success of his first textbook, Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis, three of the top dental publishers approached him to edit a new textbook on TADs. After reflecting on the time and effort involved in writing and editing his first textbook, as well as the challenge of the entire process, he contemplated publishing the book entirely on his own. Over the next six months, he checked on copy editors, graphic and layout artists, indexers, printers, distributors, shippers, marketing, and more. After six months of research, deliberation, and prayer, Jason felt the conviction to form and start the publishing company Under Dog Media, a subtle play on words for Under God Media, from whom he received the confirmation to take the leap of faith.

In spite of his conviction, most people in orthodontics and in publishing wished him well and warned it couldn’t be done. By January of 2007, Under Dog Media had 200 standing orders for OrthoTADs. When the first book came off of the press in March 2007, the little Under Dog publishing company had produced an orthodontic textbook faster and better than
any other publisher in the world. And that’s the story of the little engine that could…

In addition to publishing, Dr. Cope maintains a private orthodontic practice in Dallas, Texas, and lectures around the world to his peers through his continuing education company Copesthetic Consulting.


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