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ORTHOTADs The Clinical Guide and Atlas

ORTHOTADs The Clinical Guide and Atlas

Editor: Jason B. Cope, DDS, PhD

Hardcover; © 2007

558 pp; over 2350 color illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9776301-0-3

Price: $289.00

This exciting resource serves as your guide to one of the hottest topics in orthodontics today! Compiled and edited by one of the foremost authorities on the topic, Dr. Jason B. Cope has assembled a text unlike any other. In one concise volume, OrthoTADs covers the entire topic in 21 easy-to-read chapters, all richly illustrated with full-color clinical photographs. The chapters are divided into four sections: Historical Background, Biologic Basis, Clinical Treatment, and Implant Systems. Following each of the three major implant systems - Miniscrew Implants, Palatal Implants, and Miniplate Implants - are over 40 Case Reports documenting how the implant systems can be used in real-life examples. This book will not only show you what is possible with OrthoTADs, it will show you how to place and use them yourself!


1. Historical Development and Evolution of Temporary Anchorage Devices, Jason B. Cope, Shannon E. Owens

2. Mechanisms of Bone Adaptation to MiniScrew Implants, Sarandeep S. Huja

3. Bone Response to Loading of MiniScrew Implants, Birte Melsen, Michel Dalstra

4. Finite Element Analysis and Animal Experiments of MiniScrew Implants, Kuni Miyajima, Shigeru Saito

5. Treatment Planning for Temporary Anchorage Device Applications, Jason B. Cope, John W. Graham

6. Biomechanics of Temporary Anchorage Devices, Joong-Ki Lim, Cheol-Ho Paik

7. Intraoral Hard and Soft Tissue Dimensions for Temporary Anchorage Device Placement, Antonio Costa

8. Potential Complications: Classification, Prevention, and Treatment, John W. Graham, Jason B. Cope

9. The Ortho Implant System, Jason B. Cope, Robert J. Herman

10. The Ortho Anchor MiniScrew, Paul M. Thomas

11. The Temporary Orthodontic Mini Anchorage System, Axel Bumann, James Mah

12. The Aarhus Anchorage System, Birte Melsen

13. The AbsoAnchor, Hyo-Sang Park, Hee-Moon Kyung

14. The Spider Screw, B. Giuliano Maino, John R. Bednar, Paola Mura

15. The LOMAS System, Eric J.W. Liou, James C.Y. Lin

16. The MiniScrew Anchorage System, Aldo Carano, Stefano Velo

17. The C-Implant, Kyu-Rhim Chung, Seong-Hun Kim, Yoon-Ah Kook

18. The OrthoSystem, Tomas Gedrange

19. The C-Palatal Plate, Kyu-Rhim Chung, Seong-Hun Kim, Yoon-Ah Kook

20. The C-Tube, Kyu-Rhim Chung, Seong-Hun Kim, Yoon-Ah Kook

21. The Skeletal Anchorage System, Junji Sugawara, Mikako Umemori, Ichiro Takahashi, Hiroshi Nagasaka

...and 42 Case Reports